Our School Advisory Council (SAC) provides parents/guardians, school staff, and community members with a voice to influence decisions that impact student learning.   Please consider adding your voice to the SAC so that together we can ensure our children get the best support possible. 

This year your principal and teachers ensured that each child got the needed supplies by selecting and ordering them for you.  The SAC was also able to help by covering the cost of these supplies for every single child this year.  With so many changes and new protocols and regulations due to COVID-19 this was one thing we thought to do to help students succeed by simplifying their return to school

We are seeking a community member to join our School Advisory Council.  Community members are someone in the community who does not have children attending Newcombville Elementary School.  Meetings are held six times per school year and are held in the evening.  If you are interested in joining our SAC as a community member please contact our SAC chair, Joseph Edmonds at

We encourage you to add your voice and ideas.   At the end of each SAC meeting the floor is opened up to community members and to parents/guardians if there is something you feel is important for consideration.  Have questions or ideas?  I can be reached at

SAC Chair:   Joseph Edmonds



Welcome to the start of another great school year. 

The PTA meetings are a great way to find out about all the exciting things that take place at our school. Everyone is welcome to attend the PTA meetings, and there is no obligation to volunteer at our events. New volunteers are always welcome!  You can also watch for our meeting dates and events in the school weekly update and on the website, or on our Facebook page:  Newcombville Elementary School PTA. 

Melissa Cross, PTA President