Canteen Info

Breakfast will be offered again this year. It will be served in the classrooms to promote social distancing. As always, anyone is welcome to have some breakfast. We know that students come to school without food and are hungry for a variety of reasons. Breakfast is free. If a student is hungry at any time during the school day, we will have some extra meals and snacks available each day. 

Our recess and lunch menu will be limited due to Covid-19. There will be one item available for recess and one item for lunch. Recess is $1. Milk at recess is $0.40. Lunch is $4 and includes milk. It will be a repeating two week menu. Food will be made from scratch as much as possible. Our aim is to serve tasty, wholesome food so students can thrive in health and learning.

Ordering recess and lunch: We will have a weekly order form! We hope this helps your family plan recess and lunch for the week and make your mornings less hectic.  Here are a few helpful tips that will help things run smoothly. 

- To lessen the amount of cash handling there is a weekly order form.

- Daily orders are accepted but completing the weekly order form is appreciated.

- Place the weekly order form and  the exact cash or cheque (payable to Newcombville Elementary School) together in a baggie or envelop when sending it to school. Please do not place loose change in the pocket of your child’s agenda. We want to limit as much contact with money as possible. 

- Weekly orders are due on Thursday for the following week. 

- Milk is free with lunch orders. If your child would like milk please circle it on the order form. 

- Many of our lunches have a choice of vegetarian or meat. Please circle the option your child would like

- Please complete individual weekly forms for each child in the family.

- Paper order forms are sent home weekly.

 Thank you for your support!