Canteen Info


As part of our healthy active school initiative, we have changed our breakfast program a bit.   The items offered each day will vary.  Some of the items are cereal and milk, a piece of fruit (seasonal), homemade mini muffins, toast.  Also, we encourage parents of children who do not like to eat breakfast to send in a small nutritious snack in their children’s lunch boxes.  These snacks can be eaten when they get to school or before the beginning of the school day.  Such items might include:  a sandwich; dry cereal; cheese sticks; a piece of fruit, etc.

In addition to this breakfast initiative, we are asking parents to limit as much as possible highly processed foods and sugary snacks and drinks in their children’s lunches.  Throughout the year, all teachers will be stressing the importance of making healthier food choices, and we ask that this also be discussed at home.  We ask that parents do not send in suckers of any type with their children (especially in the lower levels) as they have large amounts of sugar and food colors, and they take a very long time to eat.  Thank you for your support.


Due to insufficient time, please DO NOT send the following food items to school with the students:  unopened cans of soups, spaghetti, beans, etc. or uncooked frozen products such as mini-pizza’s, pizza pockets, Michelina’s etc.  Thank you for your co-operation. I look forward to serving your children healthy choices throughout the year. 

Recess Snacks:  We are revising our recess menu to offer more school-made items.  We will serve wholesome, build your own snacks.  The recess menu will be sent home once we have the list finalized.  Cost of the snack items will range from $0.50 to $1.00.